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Our opinions are our own. They are full of motivation to learn to trade. June 19, 2019 by Jeaneenie from United Kingdom Really enjoying the podcasts! Read it below.

That's changed with the podcast. Unlike other podcasts, Steady Trade offers a broad series of points of view. That's right, successful swing-trading or any kind of trading is about managing the risk, and with the Swing-Trading podcast I will cover a new aspect of successful trading that is necessary for you to realize your full potential as a trader each week.

  • Through storytelling and interviews, Sheats helps listeners work on their financial issues and build wealth with proven strategies and tools.
  • Financial expert and host David Stein walks listeners through the process of saving enough for retirement without outside help.
  • Yesterday was a little bit choppy as well, didn’t really see much action there.

And on the other side of the coin, you see the younger trader Stephen learning things, sometimes the hard way. The show starts off with a brief summary of the market performance for the week. That’s the idea behind The Master Trader’s Workshop. I highly recommend this podcast and Clays CTU to anyone that wants to learn how to trade. Incredible insights and a must listen.

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Trading can be a treacherous road, especially if you’re doing it alone. I’m going to be trading for the rest of the week from California, so today, trading from the Delta Sky Lounge in JFK, and taking a couple of trades on two of the stocks that were on the gap scanner or high day Momo scanner. Now let me show you the same numbers but add investing into the equation. Robert inspires people to take control of their own success in life, and shows practical ways to achieve their financial goals. I will see you guys first thing tomorrow morning.

Have we missed out your favourite trading or finance podcast? It also offers interviews with industry influencers, such as founder of The Vanguard Group Jack Bogle, who discuss their stock picks and viewpoints on where the market is and where it could be headed next. You’re retiring at 65 only to go broke at 71 and you’ve been a good saver all your life. Every time I tune in, I learn new tips for my own hustle--as well as exciting new business strategies from successful entrepreneurs, like Facebook employee No. These podcasts offer a glimpse into the cast and crew of Clay's InnerCircle. That’s exactly what we want to help you do with Steady Trade, but we also want you to have fun. Amusing banter:

And you’re saving 10 to 15% of your take-home pay in retirement accounts (if your workplace retirement plan offers an employer match, you should be contributing at least enough to receive the full matching amount). Now I don't have to do it alone. And then COE, this one hit the high day momentum scanner. Bylerzone ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ I swing trade and try to gobble up all the info I can get.

They draw from a number of different sources to present well-rounded lessons about trading.

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It’s been very educational and I would encourage anyone to make the same choice. We talk about two things, maximum gains and maximum loss. How to start a woodworking business, on the other hand, choosing and preparing the wood can be quite complicated. Hansen tells the financial success stories of her guests and also provides personal guidance. Easy and informative listening!

Turner from Canada As a trading educator myself it can be a struggle to hand traders a decade of experience in all the different areas I have been involved in trading. ” This episode, like others, is jam-packed with insights into today’s markets, covering technology, favored sectors, active management, global markets and President Donald Trump’s immigration plans. You can find answers to all of those questions and more on the Stacking Benjamins podcast. ” You learn, if a stock is over-bought or over-sold without using indicators. Particularly enjoy the interviews - really insightful and unique. All right, so broken down stock, below its moving averages, moving into a big pocket, good potential for this thing to move. Just to hear your guest stories on their trial and error will help me out a lot. One of my favorites episodes included Rob Arnott, the CEO of Research Affiliates, and their in-depth discussion of value investing and overall market valuations.

The free versions are usually not as detailed but they are typically 80% as good as the paid resources. If you've never listened to a podcast, I urge you to give it a shot with any of the ones below: With more upside potential. Really informative June 16, 2019 by R888LEE from United Kingdom This is a really informative podcast, having listened to the first few episodes I have found it very interesting and useful. So I made another 700 bucks on that.


Anyway, here are some of my favorite investing podcasts, in no particular order. And, you can even hear about special investing topics and varying opinions on certain companies. I went to bed and thought if I feel the same way in the morning I would make the investment. It’s a first in the day trading realm. This podcast is very informative and helpful with Do's and Dont's. Is this guest actually yawning while he speaks? You can listen to them while commuting, doing household chores, or walking your dog.

June 26, 2019 by Klo1234567 from United Kingdom Loving this new and innovative podcast from these two guys. June 21, 2019 by Lyca_griffin from United Kingdom This was a really entertaining and informative podcast. The podcast just wrapped up its first season and already boasts hundreds of rave reviews from its fast-growing audience and, more importantly, OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES SEASON TWO TOMORROW so get ready! What is Buy and Hold Investing?

When you can spot and trade order flow, you reduce the mediocre trades that bleed your account dry. She produces a weekly show that covers similar content - investing, real estate, and building wealth. You save money you may need to access in the near-term, but if you're planning your finances for the long-term, you may choose to invest it instead. Sounds like a lot of potential with the show.

The bell rings and it opens at 232 which is really weird.

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Find out more. As a Certified Financial Planner Joshua covers a myriad of personal finance and investing topics. Wait every Monday for a new episode! Before you place your first stock trade, and then every day after, learn how to spot institutional order flow. Money for the Rest of Us offers a safe place for people seeking financial freedom on their own terms. I’m in at 77 and I stop out at 30 or something like that. Can't wait to listen to this journey unfold - I'm backing you guys making it big!

Thanks and enjoy the show! Figuring out how to invest or whether you can afford to invest in your 20s can be challenging and The College Investor podcast attempts to offer practical, actionable solutions. They’re a go-to source for news and entertainment — but they can also be a great form of financial education.

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If you’re considering whether or not to become a trader, this podcast will likely help you make that decision. Most people with some knowledge of the financial markets and managing money have heard of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” books. And, he might also talk about some of the latest market happenings. What I love about the audio show is that it's a mix of his keynote addresses (which are awesome), his rants (which are enjoyable), and unique content for the audio channel. They have put together a great podcast about their trials and tribulations as they learn the skill of trading. Tom and Brandon host this entertaining podcast.

The firm has been a trailblazer in the field of research-based investing strategies, and Patrick has been an effective communicator of how investors can best leverage them. Welcome to this 7 step guide to understanding the stock market. Can you take your family on trips you’ve only read about? A mutual fund pools money from multiple investors to invest in a variety of individual stocks, bonds or other securities. Get answers to your questions regarding transfer fees, commission rates, programs and available discounts related to online trading services. If you read this blog often, you know that I’m constantly urging students of the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge team to expand their horizons by learning all they can about trading and the world, and from a variety of sources. In our experience, most people lose money trading options because they don’t understand risk.

Along with investing ideas and the latest news and stories from the world of finance, host Grant Williams manages to attract some high-profile guests on the pod and gets them to open up on the hottest topics of the moment - the Kyle Bass interview at the beginning of series 2 being a prime example.

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What we had is coming into the open, you’ll see here, we came through test of the 4850 pivot, tested again right before the open. What is the difference between day trading and investing, why trade? Good job to everyone that was able to stick with it on this. It is a must-listen for new traders and I'm sure provides valuable insight to the most seasoned of veterans. Great advice for anyone that wants to learn from others that have done it before you, or if you are on a similar path.

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Are you afraid to pull the trigger on your next trade? Podcast founders Preston Pysh and Stig Broderson use their extensive finance backgrounds to analyze everything from the current state of real estate crowdfunding to the future of commodities and bonds. It’s empowering. I actually went red because I caught some bad slippage right in through here. We cover simple trade ideas each week. This podcast is weekly, and focused pretty much 100% online business. And it gets better when you learn who the guests are:

Learn from others! But, if you think you’d like to start earning more money trading, or if the idea of dipping your toes into the trading waters for the first time sounds exciting, then this podcast is definitely the best place to start! Well, to put it bluntly the answer is no. As a trader myself, who has been around the block a few times, and spent countless thousands on so called Trading Stratergy's and training, you will learn more here listening to these two guys, than from attending any free seminar marketed, by the so called get rich quick merchants which plague our inbox's. “How can I create and validate my own strategies properly?

BUT, this money was invested continuously as part of a long term investment plan, solid in the fundamentals you learned from this investing for beginners guide. 26 legit ways to make money, or, one with 24 photos and this description:. I can’t tell you how many people think that it is about perfection, but think about it, how many other things in life do you do that you do at 100% all of the time? It's a one-stop resource for the investor who's ready to take control of their money. If you want to listen to investing and current events from a libertarian perspective, listen to Stansberry Investor Hour. To move down the trader path, to move from beginner trader to experienced trader, you should only risk your hard-earned money on great ideas. If you are just starting out or intrigued about the markets, this is a great starting point. It’s not some mystified secret or get rich quick shortcut; this is a time tested method to become wealthy and be financially independent, and it’s how billionaires like Warren Buffett have done it all their life.


Tons of informative financial podcasts exist and can help you regardless of your financial situation. I will not be one of those people and that is why I'm thorougly enjoying my investment in CTU. As well as being the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management and the author of five books on investing, Meb Faber finds the time to produce a weekly podcast on the craft of investing, the best ways of preserving wealth, and profitable ideas in the global equity, bond, and real asset markets. If you’ve thought of investing in real estate whether that be through amassing rental properties or flipping houses this is the show for you. You can also text or leave us a voice message at 901-730-6373 (that’s 901-730-NERD). It’s a green Wednesday morning for me here trading the large caps. Great mix of prominent traders and new trading experiences September 1, 2019 by Gamesuckshard from United States Tom and Owen while starting out in trading, going through what many traders experience, have managed to bring in big names in trading for insightful interviews with great content for new and experienced traders. If you need investment advice, you may turn to a professional financial adviser, but it's also possible to tap into expert market knowledge without paying a fee.

If you're looking for an interview-style podcast with guests focused on the finances around financial freedom, then this podcast should be a great listen for you. Guests range from Silicon Valley CEOs to A-list actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow. I've especially enjoyed the interviews she's had with various entrepreneurs and thought leaders--like Simon Sinek--all being very candid about their experience with money. You can see here that we definitely had some interaction in through this area, created a pivot and then from there when it launched off that pivot, it really started to run. I hesitated on this pullback trade because it did a false breakout here and I just wasn’t sure, it then works. As always, we truly appreciate all of your continuing support and feedback. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I have so far invested 40+ hours of my time listening to these guys (best investment I have made so far…) and I will be listening to the rest and every new episode.

Not only is the Steady Trade Podcast easy to understand and inspiring, but it also helps inspire you to take action. All with a slant towards financial independence. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a middle manager, or someone focused on self-improvement, podcasts allow you to learn something new while you work out, commute to work, or finish everyday tasks. This show also has several episodes per week with a wide variety of guests.

Are buyers or sellers clearly in charge?

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Not everyone starts out superstar traders making millions in their first year. Do #1 & #2 and the profits will take care of themselves. July 7, 2019 by Thomas O'Grady, PhD from United States It is engaging, entertaining and very helpful show. This podcast is a good choice for DIY investors who want to keep a firm finger on the pulse of the market, as Morningstar's expert team offers in-depth insights into specific investments and sectors.

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He also spent 10 years in commodity trading after earning an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. If you buy a “how to trade stocks” book, you skip to the entry signal chapter. And, you’ll also get a free sample of how Tim coaches traders live on STT Pro.

Let’s take a few minutes and break down this morning’s trade in the recap. We also give in depth explanations of risk to help listeners have a mindset that is strategic and methodical. They don't dive too deep into investing strategy. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens! Great insights qualia123 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ I love being part of this community. I looked over to see if there’s any correlation. How does someone apply their knowledge from sports science and performance psychology to thrive in trading? They're routinely joined by members of their Mastermind Group, which includes a LinkedIn executive and Calin Yablonski, founder of Inbound Interactive, an SEO marketing company, to discuss investing and wealth-building.

  • Proof that he likes to take a slightly different approach is that, along with interviewing heavyweights from the world of finance and business, his guests have also included a number of Nobel Prize winners.
  • That's why, when he launched his podcast, I knew that it would be awesome.
  • The guests have been interesting too so I hope they get some more on.
  • The same as different driving conditions.

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Real estate investor, blogger, and influencer Paula Pant says you can afford anything--just not everything. But, there’s only so much information a monthly or bi-weekly publication can give you. Tons of great lessons can be found here, but don't expect any "hot picks" here. Excellent work chaps.

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And what can we learn from The Wolf of Wall Street? Actionable steps. A great trip of two traders November 26, 2019 by Trader123456 from United States Met the two blokes in London. Or, if you're looking for more stock-specific content, The Motley Fool's MarketFoolery will update you daily on the biggest stock market news, with top-tier investors analyzing the big headlines and giving investment recommendations. Welcome to the Stock Trading University Podcast series! This show is long. Enjoy the archive and don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed or subscribe to our show through iTunes.

I actually traded this first on this initial flush. This really helps on so many traders around the world. The cool thing about this podcast is that it goes way beyond online business, with tons of different side hustle ideas and stories to enjoy. So, take a listen to all three and see which ones you like most.

Keep up the great work guys! Jack gives listeners an amazing perspective on his 50+ years in the financial services business. I enjoy the sarcasm and the way you re-enforce the realities like having a trade plan, losses are part of the game, etc. 03 Best Expert Interviews: Learn more about our review process. I'm very thankful to have a no nonsense look into what it takes to be a real, successful trader. 007 – Hedge Funds and REITS – Are they as good as they seem? Is the Futures Market something for you?

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They don’t know when risk is working against them and when it is working in their favor. A full list of all michael covel’s podcast episodes can be found here. I flipping love this! July 1, 2019 by Mary-Jo Dionne from Canada I think I have a new favourite podcast! This isn’t going to be like the other podcasts on this list. All right, so halted for five minutes on the resumption of the halt. This provides a great juxtaposition to the incredible information that they offer in the podcast–who says an education always has to be so stone cold serious?

Produced by the forward-thinking Real Vision media group and launched in January 2019, the Adventures in Finance podcast is described as "taking you way beyond Wall Street". Barry was also kind enough to have me on the show, but my favorite episode has to be Barry’s interview with the legendary Jack Bogel, founder of the Vanguard Group, Inc. You might be asking yourself, well, why only 200? Always wait for the retest, right? He also has two weekly podcasts. World’s second largest bitcoin miner canaan creative releases btc-mining television set. Monday was a solid day. Education is the key to becoming successful at what ever it is you love to do.