Work From Home Guide: A list of legitimate work-at-home jobs

This may just be the newest job on the list. Laptop or PC, MAC, or Smart Device - Android or IOS Ready to get started? Ubiqus seeks US-based residents for home-based transcription jobs.

More productivity. One of the best places to find job opportunities is on writing job boards. Through her unconventional career path of holding over 30 jobs and obtaining two college degrees, she's been able to figure out how to find a career path that you're truly passionate about. Find account manager jobs on Monster. Media buyers negotiate with advertising agents to secure ad placements that get the most bang for a client’s buck.

Subjects include the usual standbys of Calculus, Biology and Computer Science.

Did you notice the unifying characteristics of these jobs? Here, you can connect with thousands of potential customers who are searching for the exact services you offer. Spokesperson – Many companies hire credible doctors to be the spokesperson for their supplement products. View a sample resume for a public relations manager. Want my Free Course: Find regional sales manager jobs on Monster.

  • The average salary ranges from $34,432 to $56,571, according to PayScale.
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  • Online businesses rely on ads to attract more customers and spread word about their products or services.

Freelance Work

It is a fun panel with a lot of interesting surveys. 25 per audio minute. You can work as customer service agent for LiveWorld. Check out this list of 200+ high-paying freelance writing niches. Some of the more surprising opportunities FlexJobs found are in fields typically thought of as requiring face-to-face contact – like education, for instance. These days it is very easy to build an online store and sell products over the Internet. Check out this sales manager sample resume.

If you are a (licensed) teacher, you can now start teaching classes from home. How paid online surveys work: Chegg pays each week and you can work from anywhere with stable internet!

Flipping (Buying and Selling) Work From Home Jobs

The average pay is $12 per hour. Many of the customer service jobs are phone-based, which means you’d need a working landline and phone service on top of a desktop/laptop and other devices. So if you aren’t near a physical Amazon location, or just want to see if there are virtual opportunities in your area, working from home is an option. For a travel agent, good phone skills are a must.

That’s where we come in. The company serves industries such as consumer services, health care, retail, travel and more. The BLS projects a 5 percent growth in this field. Applicants must have one year of teaching, coaching, mentoring, or tutoring experience, as well as a Bachelor's Degree. You have to put in the work and hustle. We update this list every week on Monday.

The website states that pay is determined on a case-by-case basis, and teachers are paid hourly. While this sounds easy, sometimes the audio files are poor quality or the speakers have accents, making it difficult to determine what is being said. Equivity is another company that provides virtual assistant services. The jobs that are listed by occupation, are companies that are always hiring people to work remotely. Check out the big job boards for postings, but also pay a visit to name or slogan contest-specific websites, like Naming Force or Slogan Slinger. 50 – $14 per hour. Or, be a transcription student.

United Healthcare

Note that bilingual jobs should be priced higher than English transcriptions. Companies selling any type of product with working parts may need technical support representatives to help customers with problems operating the product. There is a requirement to work on nights and weekends. I have an excellent alternative for you.

That’s how I won my first job, and the client still paid me for my first week. Income depends on the city and the timings you choose. Our number one goal at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. Forex92, this approach is also a good alternative for those of us that just do not have the emotional control necessary to weather stormy markets or pull the trigger when a disciplined approach dictates. To be successful in this field, you will also need to invest in a good computer and high-speed Internet.

Writing and Editing Work From Home Jobs

00 per assignment, depending on difficulty, a writers experience level, and the length of the material. If you want to get a freelance copywriting gig, for instance, start by collecting samples of amazing copy that sells a product. They offer medical transcription and virtual medical scribie jobs online. Well-fed freelance writers stay out of “content farms” and bidding sites, where you compete with hundreds of other writers for the same projects and get the gig if you under-quote yourself enough. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably be interested in the top companies with remote jobs in 2019. Job boards can be an excellent resource for jobs in the customer service field. In this role, you'll provide customer service assistance to Disney Store guests.

SEO Consultant

You’d be designing, creating, and implementing the necessary code to build a website or improve an existing website. Now, there are tons of work at home opportunities available (some even offered by companies near you) across a wide range of fields. First and foremost, it is imperative to understand that coaching and online tutoring is different from counseling. After visiting a designated establishment, shoppers submit a detailed report. Data entry jobs are frequently the bait in work-from-home scams, so be sure to examine opportunities carefully, and never pay for kits or software. I was looking for some work from home jobs from people who were doing it today successfully, but I couldn’t find any.

They hire teachers from the US and UK and the pay is up to $20 per hour. As a local travel guide, you can be paid by creating a custom itinerary for tourists based on their requirements (kid-friendly, nature trips, beach stop, etc.) An advanced understanding of sales and previous selling experience are expected; a bachelor’s degree is generally preferred. ” Dobroski says employers for this job typically prefer a bachelor’s degree but may not always require one. Classes range from 10 to 20 minutes. If you have any sort of web development skills, you have to know that you’re in high-demand – maybe you’re already working a job that incorporates those skills, or you’re trying to get your first big-time web developer position. If your area of expertise is public relations or you want to try and make money writing from home, there are opportunities out there that could be right for you. 95/month and easily start your blogging empire.

If you have a specific set of skills or knowledge, consider leveraging that into a YouTube channel – you’ll make some money from ads, but the big money comes in from sponsorships, so focus on providing value and growing your subscriber list. Payment is made on a regular schedule, with the average tutoring rate being around $11 per hour. 115% more popular according to a recent study by Flex Jobs and Global Workplace Analytics. Copywriting is one of the most expensive types of writing, with the most in-demand writers bagging 20 cents to $1 per word projects easily. Most companies need customer service representatives and a lot of them are leaning toward hiring remote employees to perform this role. While this line of work is non-phone, you may occasionally have to converse with clients via phone.

  • You will be responsible for sending, appealing, and even denying claims.
  • Most of the listings below are general transcription.
  • Most companies that hire for search engine evaluation have many projects available.
  • Do you have a hobby, a passion, or an interesting life?
  • There are more remote jobs than ever, and the future promises even more.
  • They hire in the US, and the pay differs with the positions.

Customer Service Representative or Tech Support Representative

How much you’ll earn will vary from company to company. Learn more at initialoutfitters. From books to clothes to collectibles, you could be sitting on a windfall in your very own home. This site will help show that you are a real person and it’s a great way to show your quality of work and the services you offer. Get a FREE information kit now and sign up for our free online webinar to learn more about this exciting business opportunity. Signing up on survey-taking websites is very easy (and free).

Working from home ups your productivity — and sometimes your paycheck. You can also consider offering discounted classes or one-to-one coaching sessions to impact students and gain exposure. So it’s not a consistent writing job. Many of the companies below don’t state how much they pay, but according to figures from Glassdoor, at home data entry clerks earn $31,153 a year. If you’re confident of your skills, you can earn from $40 to $50 an hour working as a Google Webmaster for each client. We found 153 companies that are hiring people to get paid to write. Our thorough training program and starter kit provide everything you need to launch your business. Some employers offer benefits to part-time employees, such as health insurance coverage, paid time off, flexible schedules, education stipends, etc.

  • I’m assuming if you made it down here you speak English, so why not work from home teaching other people?
  • Uber offers work at home customer service jobs.

Software Engineer

Do people ask you your secret to perfect pie crust or how you made that wreath? A great resource for getting started is Ben Robinson’s free video training: You work as an independent contractor and can accept jobs whenever you want to.

How To Find The Best Real Estate Agent In Your Area

According to figures from Glassdoor, teachers at iTutorGroup earn around $7 to $12 per hour. SEO strategy and ROI evaluation, Keyword research, On-page optimization, and Content strategy and planning. Online stockbroking, by using this as a financial way to express your views of a company, you are able to do so with low margin, and in both directions, without the fees and complications that may arise. Virtual assistants do a little of everything depending on their skills/expertise.

The BLS does not have wage data for this slice of the “gig economy. Base pay starts at $9 an hour with an opportunity to receive a pay raise after 30 days. With this one, you do need between one and five years of relevant experience. TryMyUI – Tests takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. As a result, there are thousands of writing gigs available that pay anywhere between $10 to $100 per hour. Part-time, remote jobs can be found working anywhere in the U. If you’ve been dreaming about a work-at-home situation, stop hoping and start searching. Worldwide 101 is a company that provides virtual assistant services to businesses.

Online Job FAQ

They even have tutoring positions available for adult learners who need tutoring services. More than three million students use the platform. BLS job-growth projections are for 2019 to 2026. Looking for someone to help when customers reach out for help with some of the less techy side of things, like email support, processing of refund requests, assisting with account access, license key administration, downgrading accounts, pre-sales questions, Nonprofit Partnership Program, WordPress Meetup Organizer Program. You can search through Appen’s available jobs here. How to find your work from home freelance jobs? By meeting at a local community center or having students drive to your house, you can teach weekly lessons to students of every age. CLASS100 provides customized teaching services, utilized by more than 100 schools in China.

Web Design

If you aren’t sure how to get started, Turnkey Translator will teach you everything you need to know. Belay will connect you to different contractors for varied work. Learn more about the risk-free opportunity with Kaeser & Blair here. Additionally, if you feel like your skills aren’t quite up to snuff, you can take online classes and take simpler jobs to supplement your income and also build your portfolio. Forex broker instaforex: trading on forex market, instaForex – always at the forefront! Jobs that ask you to post ads online, stuff envelopes, or assemble products and crafts from your home are all likely scams. Most companies are also very flexible with scheduling.