$27k-$78k Legitimate Work At Home Jobs (NOW HIRING)

When you start looking for work-at-home jobs, it’s crucial that you create a complete resume.

US ,South America and Europe. Anyone who had the dream of being able to work in their pajamas was either stuck dreaming about it, or they fell victim to some sort of envelope-stuffing scam that cost money and never materialized with a paycheck. You cover gas, maintenance and any other car expenses. Not all online jobs are legitimate.

Do/have you worked for any of these companies? But if you’re just starting out and want a more stable income, you can check out Android Jobs or Core Intuition (for iOs/Mac) for mobile app development jobs with an hourly rate or project-based fee. Convergys hires customer service agents to work from home. Technology giant Apple hires At Home Advisors to work from home providing world-class customer service to those who call in for help.

02 Freelance Writing and Editing MoMo Productions/Getty Images Work-from-home writing jobs cover a wide range of positions, including freelancing for consumer magazines, blogging, crowdsourcing, and editing jobs.

After a while of searching, I was about to find quite a few legitimate work from home jobs that anyone can do! UserTesting also gives you an opportunity to test the usability of websites at home for money. Just complete offers and take surveys. Here are a few companies that hire tech support reps to work from home: Building a profitable blog takes time and a lot of hard work. The more you sign up the more you make. Pricing starts at $14. In some cases you will even get to see products before the general public and even participate in testing them online.

Popular moving company U-Haul sometimes posts work at home positions in a variety of fields. Some will involve a lot of writing, and others are shorter. To do this job well, you do need to have excellent: I have found that most of these are teaching English to children in China. But they’re less focused on the details of implementation and more focused on big-picture strategies. It is, however, a good way to top up your earnings. 60 per audio minute and $3 per audio minute. Pay starts at $9 an hour.

If you love writing, then try writing for Hubpages.

Legitimate Data Entry Jobs You Can Do From Home

Engage with potential clients who are actively looking for lawn care services (no cold calls). Such was the case of my friend Kayla, who started working as a VA several years ago and now earns over $10,000 per month as a virtual assistant. If you’re new to freelance writing, check out my friend Cat’s course – Get Paid to Write for Blogs to get started.

While some tutors get their assignments through an organization, many find work through advertising and word-of-mouth. For others, you’ll need to upload a copy of your resume first. When we ranked the best online tutoring sites, the top site was VIPKid. How much can you make as an online teacher? I have shared a list of web testing companies offering legitimate work at home: Tutoring is a terrific way to take your knowledge and share it with others, which helps them learn and grow.

You earn points for simply scanning the barcode on an item in a store. If you have a degree, then you could earn money working at home as one of the company’s online tutors. It’s a little more stressful than working for someone else in many cases, but it can also be well worth it! Thanks for supporting!

  • If you have a specific skill–whether its creating hand-stitched quilts or steampunk accessories– you can probably find someone who will buy your craft online or in person.
  • A field open to both entry-level and experienced professionals, common roles in accounting and finance include bookkeeping, managing payables and receivables, collections, and analysis.
  • What if I told you I started a work from home job 3 years ago which is earning more than a full-time income for me now?
  • TryMYUI – For testing, use a website exactly as you would in a real-life situation, and voice your thoughts and frustrations out loud.
  • BabyQuip gets the other 18.
  • GMR Transcription is a company that offers both general and Spanish transcription/translators.


Just visit the brand’s “About Us” page, and scroll down to the “Careers at LiveWorld” section to view available positions. Wyzant – Wyzant is a marketplace where you can run your offline and online tutoring business. Like any of these legit work-from-home jobs, the income is limitless. Depending on what kind of job you take, you may either be a salaried employee who works regular hours from home, or you may be commission-based, which generally means you can create your work schedule. Available in any country that accepts PayPal payments. Payments are made via bank transfer or you can get money to spend on Amazon instead. Do you dream of working from home?


I’m hearing from a lot of callers who go to help-wanted sites, find an opportunity that looks good and then contact the supposed employer. NetTranscripts – General and industry-specific transcription remote job openings vary. With the online education space exploding, online tutoring jobs are a great way to make money from home. The pay differs from country to country, ranging between $12-$19 per hour according to Glassdoor. 5 best brokers for penny stocks trading in 2019, you pay a monthly fee, and picks are delivered to you via email or SMS. In addition, if an employer has been proven to lack integrity, we take measures to remove and ban them from our job site.

Love inspirational quotes and heart-warming greeting card designs? With the explosion of web content that has occurred in recent years, it’s a job that’s in super-high demand. Then contact us and get started immediately. Average monthly earnings: If you want to work from home, then Proofreading is a great choice. Sitel’s jobs involve dealing with calls relating to a wide range of sectors including health care, communications and tech support. As a virtual assistant there is a wide array of duties that your client may ask you to complete, depending on what business your client is in.

Contract jobs that will require a degree in a related field. If you work full-time, you can make more than working part-time. Work from home jobs are out there, but you may find many of them involve using a phone. But they are easy ways to supplement your income and provide some extra spending cash. In addition, there is sentiment analysis, event sequencing, transcription and much more. By being flexible and skilled, you can develop a consistent stream of income with TaskRabbit.

  • Data entry jobs are frequently the bait in work-from-home scams, so be sure to examine opportunities carefully, and never pay for kits or software.
  • However, blogging is something you can easily incorporate in your life with just a few hours per week and could make a nice side job for you.
  • Do you enjoy helping others, have great interpersonal skills, and like to talk on the phone?
  • “How can you make money on Fiverr?
  • If you decide to become a contractor you may want to open an LLC.
  • What’s great about Manhattan Prep is that it pays really well.
  • People who have larger homes or recently had roommates move out.

Graphic Design Jobs

Yea, that’s weird. So, there’s the opportunity to earn a better rate. Most coaches begin selling their services through a website and blog, where they attract traffic by offering excellent information in an area of interest. Requirements vary per provider, such as a high-speed internet connection, computer, email, and sometimes a college degree. Be sure to use one of the legitimate companies. Performance-based bonuses are possible too.

Western Governors University

TaskRabbit pairs jobs and clients with those who have the matching skill set. Do you love affordable fashion-forward jewelry, love to have fun, love recognition, and want to earn an income? Proven experience is required, along with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Write Lesson Plans

Start by taking a course that teaches you basic skill required to pursue freelance writing jobs. Technology has made it possible to help customers through other avenues, namely online chat. If you’re interested in making money as a social media manager, check out social media expert Bobby Hoyt’s Facebook Side Hustle Course. If you build a good client base, this can be a great way to make money from home. K12 offers teaching opportunities via a digital learning platform. As mentioned, FlexJobs screens each listing to make sure the company hiring is legitimate.

Work at Home Vintage Experts

Articles must be travel-related. One of the great things about U-Haul is that it will hire customer service personnel as young as 16 years of age provided they have the professional skills to be a great customer service rep. Plenty of the companies listed here hire home workers directly, so are ideal for people who want the flexibility of working from home with the security of a conventional job. Classroom walls are no longer necessary when it comes to teaching kids and adults. The instant you finish a survey, Survey Junkie pays you in cash via PayPal. Sales is one of the most in-demand and legitimate work-at-home jobs. Most of the work in this field goes to freelancers. Online teaching jobs can be found at a number of different websites across the web.

How much can you make as an online reseller? The company pays its virtual assistants $10 to $12 an hour on average. A bachelor’s degree and a year of teaching experience (pretty loosely defined) is often required, as is a working webcam. Continue with entry level job opportunities. You will also be surprised how many referrals you’ll get from businesses you help, because they are so thrilled.

The most important factor is knowing where to find good VA jobs.

Maybe You Would Rather Pick Up a Side Hustle?

PeoplePerHour gives freelancers the opportunity to make money doing a variety of tasks at home. We don’t like seeing users getting stuck with thousands of dollars in inventory only to realize they’re trying to offload their LuLaRoe into already saturated markets. Review the job listings for more details. When you try apps, answer trivia questions and play games, Perk gives you points. As you work, you get rated and can get bigger projects. Pay is an hourly rate ranging from about $5 to $20 per hour. These customers have expressed an interest in products advertised by infomercial.

If you don’t have experience with Facebook Ads or ads on other platforms, there are plenty of online courses that will teach you the ins-and-outs. How paid online surveys work: As with any online reviews, it’s best to look at the balance of opinions and then form your own! DionData Solutions – hires only U. One thing to be careful of, however, is burnout. We also love to give back, so for every new cabi Stylist, cabi will fund a small business loan in her name for a woman entrepreneur in a developing country.

Helping other women? The university’s programs are taught both online and offline and tend to be focused on health and business subjects. Most pet owners consider their furry friends an important part of the family and they’re willing to pay good money to make sure they’re well taken care of. Chat-based support often receives less per-hour rates compared to phone-based support, so if you have a landline and fast internet and aren’t bothered by phone jobs, then choose from any of these 7 legit companies offering home-based helpdesk support jobs. They offer competitive pay (which exceeds the U. )Even travel guides don’t have to be in the field anymore.

Exciting Work from Home Opportunity - Search Engine Evaluator

The number of software programmers working from home full-time has been growing 11. March (spring break), May-September (summer vacation), and Thanksgiving and Christmas. You search jobs based on these categories. Companies can choose to respond to complaints or not, but if they don’t, their rating may lower. The company hires over 100,000 employees across the world. I also recommend FlexJobs for finding more home data entry jobs.

The faster you are, the more money you can make. Most refs work a ton of games during the season and if you have a flexible schedule that leaves you some free time in the evening and on weekends you can make quite a bit of cash. Different remote positions are available and full-time employees can enjoy benefits such as paid time off, health insurance and on the job training. 00 per audio minute (or $60 per audio hour), it’s important to remember that your actual hourly rate will not work out to that amount. You’ll be able to make sales calls to warm leads from the comfort of your home. The ability to stay disciplined cannot be understated.

Plus, Stella & Dot is more than just a company – it's a community. You also need to capture the sense and feel of the original document in a new language, which can be difficult, to say the least! Believe it or not, travel agents did not disappear around the same time that people were treating Beanie Babies like an investment. So they prefer to play it safe.

Moms, Are You Looking for the Freedom and Flexibility to Work From Home?

You can sell your clothes to this online thrift store for a little extra cash. This part-time opportunity is open to both US and International residents. Training takes place at company offices. You can manage your own working hours but may be expected to include weekend working time. This line of work may be ideal for you if you have past experience teaching/tutoring and a BA degree or some college. If you have good writing skills you can make some serious money writing for magazines. They have no startup fee. It is important that you avoid sites that ask for that kind of information.

The internet has made it much easier to make money from home.